How to use ezviz device via iVMS-4200



Download: EZVIZ for DVR

Download: EZVIZ for NVR


For your protection and to prevent unauthorized access, a password reset can be performed only when you are physically with the device or have access to a computer on the same network as the device.

By requesting a password reset for your product(s) on this website you acknowledge that you are authorized to initiate the password reset and take full responsibility for this action.


Reset Password for DVR/NVR

Supported 3rd Party IP Camera Models of H-DVR/NVR 


Dvr Ocx Clean Software DVR Ocx Clean 18/07/13 495 byte
Guide User DVR Ocx Clean 18/07/13 72 KB

CMS Software CMS 18/07/13 7.439.244 byte
Guide User CMS 18/07/13 72 KB

7216DH Software 7216DH 18/07/13 13.337.058 byte
Guide User 7216DH 18/07/13 72 KB

6816C 16CH 2.3.54 Software 6816C 16CH 18/07/13 6.549.681 byte
Guide User 6816C 16CH 18/07/13 72 KB

6808C 8CH 8189 2.3.54 Software 6808C 8CH 18/07/13 6.240.161 byte
Guide User 6808C 8CH 18/07/13 72 KB

6808 2.3.70 Software 6808 18/07/13 6.256.883 byte
Guide User 6808 18/07/13 72 KB

6404D 4CH 2.3.54 Software 6404D 18/07/13 6.251.408 byte
Guide User 6404D 18/07/13 72 KB

6108C 2.3.54 Software 6108C 18/07/13 6.240.152 byte
Guide User 6108C 18/07/13 72 KB

6104C 2.3.54 Software 6104C 18/07/13 6.256.889 byte
Guide User 6104C 18/07/13 72 KB

MS-8804NI-E1/4P         MS-8808NI-E2/8P Software      
Guide User Quick Start Guide    

How Reset Password Software      
Guide User How Reset Password    

NVR MS-8800NI-E  Software FirmwareV3.4.92 170228   15.6 MB
Compatible NVR E SERIES    


Software Firmware V3.4.5_170124   28.4 MB
Compatible IPC-B3542H, IPC-D2142F-SH, IPC-3555H   1 KB 

Act Firmware 

S0xxTurbox English Version



  27.0 MB
Compatible S04/08/16TURBOX    

MS-TA8400QH  TurboHD DVR




  43 MB
Compatible MS-TA8404/08/16QH   1 KB 


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